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Welcome to Yiftee!

Ever since we launched the company in 2012, we have been all about bringing profitable business to local shops and restaurants. We started by doing simple eGift Cards for small businesses. Along our journey we developed easy ways to promote them, and a business platform for companies and individuals to buy lots of them and save money. Then it all came together when we started doing Community Cards

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Making it easy to shop local
Everyone wants to shop local – but it needs to be easy, and the shopper needs to make the choices. The Community Card, with “something for everyone” allows just that. Plus, when the card is branded for the community, there is a higher purpose than just supporting one store, you’re supporting your community. In other words…
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts
First, local businesses get incremental revenue from institutional buyers who might otherwise have spent their funds on national brand gift cards. Second, an incredible 92% of card buyers surveyed said they prefer to support their local business with a Community Card vs buying national brand gift cards. Third, 51% of Community Card holders try new places, sharing this new revenue with the businesses who need it most.
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Engaging whole communities in local business
A healthy small business economy brings well-known benefits: local employment, tax revenue, donations and culture. When the pandemic struck and many small businesses were affected, city governments began to use their Community Cards to distribute funding to people in need, ensuring that those dollars would be spent in their local shops and restaurants. Community Cards are also a great way for corporations, tourism bureaus and citizens to show their support for their communities, sponsoring bonus programs that engage the whole community, and multiplying their donations by up to 8x via individuals purchasing cards to get the bonus bucks.
It takes a village
The keys to success are our partnerships with local community and franchise leaders – chambers of commerce, main streets, downtowns, business improvement districts, city governments and business executives. Working with them, our vision is that every community will have its own Community eGift Card, making it easy for corporations, local governments, hospitals, schools, professionals, and individuals to keep local dollars local.
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