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In a Nutshell

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What's a BOGO?

Buy One Get One Programs are limited time deals that give buyers an additional eGift Card with their purchase. Bonus cards are usually paid for by a sponsor (e.g. city, corporation, tourist bureau) in exchange for being promoted as a supporter of your community

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Why a BOGO?

BOGOs multiply the funds contributed by the sponsor and engage the whole community in supporting local businesses. You can set expiration dates on the bonus cards to make sure those funds are in circulation quickly and recoup unspent funds

Typical results

You determine the values of the "Buy Ones" and the "Get Ones." It is not uncommon to see 2X return on the sponsor funds in the first month, 4X within 3 months and 8X in a year or so. Cardholders typically spend 30% more than the card value

The Lowdown

Funding & Sponsorships

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Buy-One-Get-One programs bring the whole community together to support local businesses. Sponsors fund them and receive recognition; residents buy cards, get bonuses and spend them in local businesses. "Shop local" habits are reinforced. Everyone wins! Thanks to Nashville Partnership for securing these sponsors for their program

The Impact of BOGOs

Bonuses drive revenue to local business
Why buy a national brand gift card when you get a bonus with your Community Card? Consumers flock to purchase cards when there are bonuses attached. Some programs sell out in a week or less! All this money stays in your community
Bonus cards encourage people to try new places
Yiftee sees 51% of Community Card holders try new spots with their cards. Expiration dates on bonus cards ensure they are spent swiftly and unspent funds are returned to recycle in the community

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BOGOs create long term growth
People who may have initially purchased for the bonus, now purchase to support their community through ongoing gifts. Within a year or so, Yiftee sees up to 8X the value of the initial sponsorship delivered to the merchants through additional card purchases and "overspend" on the gift card

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

"Our Western New York merchants saw an incredible boost in sales utilizing the Erie County free $25 & $50 promotional Shop 716 cards. The local independent retailers, restaurants, and attractions had over $1.1M in added sales in November & December 2020!"

- Christine Langenfeld, Director of Marketing, Amherst Chamber, NY
"The BOGO campaign helped generate more immediate spending at local businesses when they needed it most."

- Derek Long, Executive Director of Sustainable Connections,
Bellingham, WA
"We are so thankful to the donor in our community who stepped up to helped us make this promotion happen! In light of COVID, we are grateful to be able to generate support for our local businesses that make Zionsville home."

- Allyson Gutwein, Executive Director, Zionsville Chamber, IN

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