Community Cards

an eGift Card redeemable at all your local stores

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In a Nutshell

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Pricing: no cost to community
organizers or merchants

Free to set up and operate. Card buyers or sponsors pay a small eDelivery fee per gift purchased

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Set up easily in under an hour

Design your Community Card webpage with ease and invite the merchants you want to participate in your program

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No accounting or financial management necessary

Card redemption is powered by Mastercard® to securely pay participating merchants

The Lowdown

How it Works

Yiftee's Community Cards link your local small businesses to a single eGift Card to make it easier than ever to ensure people spend their money at local shops
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Getting Started

Creating Your Community Card

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Come to a demo to see Community Cards in action
Enter you information in the form and schedule a time that's convenient for your demo
Brand your custom webpage for your community to sell cards online
On the Yiftee Portal, you can upload your card image and its marketing webpage with images, slogans, colors, and more!
Downtown Bend gift card
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Invite local businesses to participate for free
Merchants run an Activation Card to opt-in to the program. No POS integration or special equipment required!
Market and sell your card to individual & group buyers
Let consumers, corporations, employers, schools, tourists, local government, etc. know about this new way to support local businesses in your community
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Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

“The digital gift card program was part of the most impactful project we have ever implemented."

– Sean Kammer, Royal Oak Downtown Manager
"Our neighborhood gift card [community card] provided immediate cash infusion into our business community..."

- Shannon Laing, Main Street LNPK Director
"The program was a tremendous success, and will continue on post Covid because of that success and popularity!"

- Greg Semel, Zelienople Community Organizer

Let's Get Started

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Community Card Pricing

Card buyers pay a $1 + 5%
card value eDelivery fee