Merchant & Franchise Cards

a branded, POS-independent eGift Card redeemable at any of your stores

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In a Nutshell

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Custom branded for your business

Design your eGift Card and free  marketing webpage with ease and make edits any time you want

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No accounting or financial management necessary

Card redemption is powered by Mastercard® to securely pay you and your franchisees

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Easy & quick to set up and use

Your eGift Card will work with whichever POS system you use and can be set up in minutes

The Lowdown

Here's What You Get

Yiftee's Merchant and Franchise Cards are eGift Cards for your business that are already set up and ready for you to use! Simply pick out the colors and images you like, add an eGift Card button to your homepage, and Yiftee will do the rest
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Getting Started

Creating Your eGift Card

Click the get started button
Enter your information in the form to set up and start your 10 day free trial
Provide your location and contact information
Choose a month-to-month or discounted annual plan. There is no charge until after the free trial period has ended
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Customize your eGift Card webpage
Add details to your marketing webpage like your background image, additional store locations, featured quick picks, and  business description
Run an Activation Card to start selling gifts
Yiftee will send a prepaid Mastercard Activation Card to run through your POS system. Add an eGift Card button to your homepage and you'll be ready to sell your eGift Cards
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Process purchases like manual entry Mastercard payments
Process as a manual entry Mastercard payment (like a phone order), you will be paid in your normal credit card settlement.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

"Cornerstone Home Lending is proud to support local businesses by sending thousands of customer appreciation gifts to our partner shops every year. Yiftee has connected us to the local merchants to make it happen."

- Kale Larkin,
Regional Marketing Director,
Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc.
"The entire team at Yiftee made it extremely easy for me to set up all our restaurants on the YIFTEE platform.... Their customer service is great and makes it possible for us to offer gift card services and for our customers to give the amazing experience only we can offer at all our restaurants."

- Albert Lara Padilla Marketing & Project Coordinator, Culichitown Corporation, Inc.
"Yiftee has been an excellent gift card solution and partner for years. Their system is reliable and the customer service they offer to both us and our customers is the most responsive and thorough from companies we've partnered with, and that's a key value at Binny's."

- Greg Versch,
Director of Communications, Binny's Beverage Depot

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Merchant & Franchise Cards

+$12 a month/additional location

Card buyers pay a $1 + 5% of card
value eDelivery fee